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Improve teamwork, job performance, sales, and innovation with TIPS Innovation Profiles...
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To introduce the power of TIPS within the U.S. and Canada
Thinkergy is giving away 100 TIPS Profile Reports to
100 companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Discover who your team is, how they innovate, what makes them tick, where they perform best, what jobs best fit their styles, and how they best contribute to your organizational and innovation projects.  

  TIPS is a breakthrough talent development and innovation assessment that brings insight into the people-side of business, organizations and innovation. We distinguish 11 different profiles based on four TIPS base orientations (Theories, Ideas, People, Systems) and four TIPS styles (Thinking, Working, Interacting, Life), then outline how they can best be utilized to maximize progress. Check out this video for a quick overview.


The Challenges TIPS is Helping Companies Solve:

  • Challenges Managing People 
    • How to manage people with different styles 
    • Dealing with conflict between employees 
    • Getting people to buy-in to vision 
    • Improving productivity 
    • On-boarding new staff 
    • Increasing employee engagement, morale and satisfaction 
    • Dealing with non-traditional work arrangements 
    • Workplace diversity 
    • Building effective teams - setting expectations 
    • Managing team conflict 
    • Failures in communication 
  • Challenges to Improving Operations 
    • Developing leadership skills
    • Ability to solve problems 
    • Lack of data to leverage strengths
    • Adapting to new technology/innovation 
    • Getting employees to embrace innovation and learn new technology 
    • Handling crisis management such as sexual harassment and workplace violence
    • Customer insight in order to sell more effectively

What TIPS Allows You To Discover:

The TIPS Innovation Profile report provides critical insights to maximize talent, reduce conflicts, improve innovation and get peak results.  

    • Discover preferred styles to think, work, interact, and innovative
    • Key insight into what careers or positions best fit your profile
    • Get tips on how to leverage your greatest assets
    • Gain better understanding of co-workers and personal connections to improve relationships
    • Allows you to get top results of your team by putting the right person into the right job
    • Build more effective project and innovation teams based on profile types
    • Reduce conflicts through greater understanding of how everyone contributes to business and innovation 
    • Create a more balanced, well-rounded organization
    • Identify who are the ideal creative leaders and innovation managers within the company
    • Improves change management initiatives by identifying change agents and those who may resist
    • Quickly access prospect and buyer profile types to build instant rapport
    • Customize information in a style they prefer (detailed, fact-based, visual, stories)

Who is TIPS for?   

  • Leaders, H.R. Directors, and Managers seeking to improve teamwork, job performance, training, and innovation within teams 
  • Executives, Sales Leaders and Customer Services Reps looking to better understand decision-making preferences of prospects and customers
  • Companies, Non-Profit and Government Organizations of all sizes 
  • Individuals seeking to understand and leverage personal strengths to improve personal performance or career opportunities
  • Consulting Companies and Coaches

Download "HOW TO MANAGE WITH STYLE" ebook which shares the keys to leveraging our preferred styles to think, work, interact, and innovate to become a better leader.

What You Receive:   

You'll receive 100 TIPS Innovation Profile assessments ($8,800 value) to help solve some of the biggest challenges in your organization. 

Each TIPS assessment produces a customized 36-page report which details preferred styles to think, work, interact, live, and innovate and how to leverage strengths to maximize productivity and improve communication.


To help your organization get the most value from TIPS we are offering the following workshop package provided by Certified TIPS trainers:  

  • 30 Minute TIPS Profile Insights Video          
    • TIPS overview
    • Four bases - Theories, Ideas, People, Systems
    • Four styles - Thinking, Working, Interacting, Living
    • 11 profiles
  • 90 Minute Customized TIPS Coaching Workshop (live or video conference)          
    • 30 minutes - How we compare to each other, understanding styles, reducing conflict, maximizing talents
    • 30 minutes - TIPS in the business cycle, building effective teams
    • 30 minutes - Using TIPS to drive innovation and change   
  • TIPS Organization Profile Map 
    • Identifies areas of company strengths and weakness
  • 2 Hour Manager's Training (live or video conference)     
    • Details best management approaches for each profile
    • Expected outcomes based on profile type
    • Approaches to reduce conflict
    • Training delivery tips

This is a $6,000 value for just $2,400! 


(NOTE: For organizations located in the U.S. and Canada only)