Innovative Methods

 The Talent Development & People Profiling System

Gain critical insights to maximize talent, reduce conflicts, improve innovation and get peak results.

  • TIPS is Thinkergy’s breakthrough talent development and innovation profiling method that:  
    • helps individuals understand their personal work, thinking, interacting and innovation style 
    • helps corporations to better utilize talent within their work and innovation project teams
    • shows every employee why they are valued in the business cycle and innovation process 
  • TIPS allows individuals to make the best use of their talents by providing key insights into their natural strengths and cognitive preferences.
  • TIPS ensures that organizations put the right person into the right job. After all, how can you get top results out of your team if your players are in a wrong position?
  • TIPS reduces potential employee conflicts by providing a clear understanding of personal styles and where conflicts may occur.
  • TIPS helps individuals, teams and companies produce better innovations by giving guidance on how and when each person can best contribute to a firm’s innovation efforts based on their respective TIPS profile.

11 Individual Innovator Profiles Based on

4 Orientations and 4 Personal Styles

TIPS brings order and insight into the messy, chaotic, people-side of business and innovation. We do this by distinguishing 11 different profiles based on different thinking styles, work styles, and life styles that people have. Then outlining how they can best be utilized to maximize progress.

With the help of a personality test that checks on the four TIPS base orientations (Theories, Ideas, People, Systems), four TIPS styles (Thinking, Working, Interacting, Life), and a related set of TIPS dimension manifestations, we distinguish 11 TIPS Innovation Profiles that capture the fundamental cognitive preferences and innovation styles of different people.

Everyone Can Contribute to Business & Innovation

TIPS is based on a fundamental insight: 

Everyone can contribute to the business and innovation efforts of a firm, albeit in very different ways, 

based on one’s preferred thinking style and work style. 

Below are a series of videos that provide further insight into key aspects of what makes TIPS so unique.

Optimize Your Talent Mix

Book a TIPS Innovation Profiling Project to raise the awareness of everyone’s natural thinking styles and work styles, to identify “white spots” in your team, and to boost the spirit and innovation readiness of your team or company.

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Take a look at the brief description of the essential nature of each TIPS profile:


Life is all about...
knowledge, evidence and the truth.


Life is all about...
ideas, innovation and change.


Life is all about...
people and relationships.


Life is all about...
systems and structured order &


Life is all about...
the knowledge-based creation of


Life is all about...
spreading the word.


Life is all about...
organization, service and care.


Life is all about...
numbers and the practical
application of knowledge.


Life is all about...
the development of the human


Life is all about ...
making things better by
systematically improving on ideas.


Life is all about...
keeping all balls up in the air.

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 “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein