Thinkergy X-IDEA Webinar


Thinkergy X-IDEA Webinar Outline

Do you want your company to be more agile and competitive? Do you want to grow market share? Do you have a systematic approach to problem solving and innovation? Do you have the proven tools to help you achieve your goals?


In this 25 minute webinar you'll learn how Thinkergy's powerful X-IDEA innovation method helps companies produce more meaningful, innovative ideas and results. By following our systematic thinking process, you will avoid falling prey to common thinking traps and instead develop fresh, creation solutions to challenges. X-IDEA allows you to:

  • Get your team driving 100% towards a shared vision
  • Create 100's and 1000's of ideas and narrow them down into high quality, actionable ideas in just a few hours
  • Go beyond the limitations found in other methods such as Design Thinking
  • Systematically work on all types of innovation projects
  • Discover an engaging, new way of resolving any issue that may arise
  • Establish an innovative culture that thrives on meeting challenges

Learn how X-IDEA compares to other ideation and innovation methods, what makes it such an effective tool, and why a former Apple employee called it "Design Thinking on steroids". Don't miss this informative webinar.  

"I've seen a lot of innovation training and techniques over the years, including Design Thinking, however nothing compares to what I experienced with Thinkergy. X-IDEA is like Design Thinking on steroids!" 

– Jeff Brown, Chief Innovation Officer, Simon Says Lead


  1. Introduction to Thinkergy
  2. X-IDEA Overview
  3. Curing Shortcomings of Other Methods
  4. Why X-IDEA has Two Creative Stages
  5. Expanding Your Effectiveness
  6. Conclusion


Thinkergy, has a proven 12-year track record of providing experiential problem solving, innovation and ideation tools and techniques for companies like BMW, Nestle, Mattel and Greenpeace in the Asia-Pacific market, and is now launching across North America! 

Thinkergy was created by Founder and Chief Ideator, Dr. Detlef Reis (‘Dr. D’). Thinkergy methods are taught and implemented through our United Creative Brains of Thinkergy – a global network of certified business professionals, decorated academics and independent experts. Our tools allow you to be more creative and innovative, while also helping you gain competitive edge and increase impact. To learn more or find a Thinkergy trainer contact Kevin Ehlinger Wilde at kevin@thinkergyus.com or 320-266-6668.