Thinkergy's TIPS People Profiling System Webinar


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Learn how to maximize talent and manage more effectively with TIPS - Thinkergy's People Profiling System designed for the Age of Innovation

Thinkergy's TIPS Innovation Profiling System takes the best elements from existing systems such as Myers-Briggs and DISC and integrates them with core business theories to create a comprehensive people profiling system ideal for the 21st century - the Age of Innovation. TIPS allows you to:

  • Maximize talent by understanding and utilizing their strengths
  • Show the value of every person in the company and how they contribute to the business and innovation process
  • Resolve employee conflicts and create energized teams
  • Establish an innovative culture that thrives on meeting challenges
  • Put the right people in the right place to ensure effectiveness

Learn how TIPS compares to traditional profiling systems like Myers-Briggs, how it provides actionable takeaways for each profile, and why it adds a new profiling dimension not seen in any other profiling tool. Don't miss this informative session – submit the form on the right to get instant access to the on-demand webinar.


  1. Introduction to Thinkergy
  2. The Foundation of TIPS
  3. TIPS in Business
  4. TIPS in Innovation
  5. Expanding Your Effectiveness
  6. Conclusion


Thinkergy, with a proven 12-year track record of providing experiential problem solving, innovation and ideation tools and techniques for companies like BMW, Nestle, Mattel and Greenpeace in the Asia-Pacific market, is now launching across the United States! We invite you to discover how Thinkergy can enhance the agility and ability of your company.

Contact Kevin Ehlinger Wilde at kevin@thinkergyus.com or 320-266-6668 with any questions.