Research Study: Training Business People in Structured Innovation

Wow! Study Reveals Absolutely Must See Insights That Will Make Your Training More Effective

Dr. Detlef Reis (Dr. D), the founder of Thinkergy, presented the results of a research study at The ISPIM Innovation Summit 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia recently. The paper titled "Training Business People in Structured Innovation: Uncovering the Innovation Learner's Experience" revealed some shocking and significant insights into innovation training. 

The study aimed to shed more light on the following research questions:

1. What is going on inside learners’ minds while undertaking a training program in business creativity and applied innovation?

2. How might educators use the insights drawn from the learners’ experiences to design more effective creativity and innovation training programs?

3. How do learners value and subsequently personalize the benefits of using a structured innovation method and related thinking tools?

The study reveals absolutely must see insights for innovation educators and facilitators on how to design more effective creativity and innovation courses in line with the learning experience of business professionals. 

Some of the key insight from the study include:

  • Why twice as many participants considered themselves to be "highly creative" upon completion of the training
  • How 72% strongly agreed that "individual creativity can be improved through training and exercises" 
  • What part of training business professionals fear the most and how it improved their creative competence and confidence
  • How a systematic innovation method increases the quantity and quality of insights, ideas and innovative outputs
  • Why 74% strongly agreed that the use of thinking tools leads to more meaningful value creation

Creative skills can be effectively taught to and acquired by business professionals in a course that combines theoretical instructions with the practical application on real-life innovation cases like those found in X-IDEA.

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