Innovation Solutions


Training: We Teach You How To Wow

We train you how to develop quality ideas faster, be an innovation leader, maximize employee talent, and create an innovative culture

At Thinkergy, we provide experiential, innovative training programs to meet your specific needs. All of our highly energetic and interactive training programs are taught and implemented by our global network of certified business professionals, decorated academics and independent experts - who we refer to as the United Creative Brains of Thinkergy.

The various training formats available are designed to cater for a wide range of target audiences,
 objectives and contexts; and have appropriately varying durations.

In addition to our standardized innovation training courses, we also design custom training workshops,
 that can reflect specifics of your industry, category or business.

Our System of Four Innovation Methods

Thinkergy offers training courses that relate to one of our four innovation methods:
• X-IDEA – Idea Development and Problem Solving 
• Genius Journey – Executive Leadership Training 
 • TIPS – Talent Development and People Profiling System 
• CooL – Innovation Culture Development

The breadth of content and depth of application varies in line with each method and your organizational goals and requirements. 

Click the above links to learn more about each method.

Projects: We Do The Wow For You


We focus our innovative problem solving skills and methods on solving specific issues or challenges your organization needs to address.

Thinkergy's training teaches your team the systematic framework of how to identify challenges and develop innovative results using a general case study. With Projects we work with your team to solve specific challenges you need resolved.

The systematic approach and tools we provide in Projects are precisely tuned to your particular situation and area of business. Consequently they are a lot more effective in achieving an immediate and directly positive impact.

Download the Thinkergy project details for each of our innovation methods.

Each of the one page summaries below provides an overview of the respective method’s area of focus, and each would be precisely customized for your specific application. Click the links below to download.

 INNOVATIVE LEADERS = Genius Journey Leadership Coaching Project
 INNOVATIVE PEOPLE = TIPS Innovation Profiling Project
 INNOVATION CULTURE = CooL Innovation Auditing Project


“There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer. Therefore, any business enterprise has two - and only two - basic functions: marketing and innovation“ - Peter Drucker