Innovation Methods


Thinkergy's four proprietary methods are highly effective for innovation management and training.

X-IDEA: The Know How of Wow

The prime system created by Thinkergy for reliably producing creative, innovative and actionable ideas. X-IDEA plots a steady path to true problem-solving creativity for practically any project.

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GENIUS JOURNEY: Unleashing Creative Leaders

Authentic creative leaders know one thing for sure: even a genius thirsts to learn more. To realize next-level potential, Thinkergy’s Genius Journey guides innovation leaders to become innovation greats.

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COOL: Creating a Culture of Creativity Unlimited

How do you generate a lasting culture of innovation? Thinkergy created CooL to reveal what an organization already has and what’s needed, for extensive long-term cultivation of innovative thinking.

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TIPS: Thinkergy Innovation Profiling System

Everyone has potential to shine, but finding where and how one's strengths best serve innovation goals is no easy feat. Thinkergy’s unique TIPS profiling techniques do the job for you.

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Our Training Philosophy and Methodology is best described by the Zen saying: “To know and not to do is not yet to know.”

All Thinkergy Training courses are designed to be in line with our core values at Thinkergy: value-focused, creative, playful and energetic, extraordinary and action-oriented.

In line with these values, all Thinkergy Training courses are highly methodological and systematic, yet at the same time very playful, energetic and fun. We emphasize active and experiential learning through the direct application of the learned creativity concepts and tools. 

The program is interactive, playful and action-oriented. The objective is to always demonstrate, teach and apply; 

  • Analytical and creative thinking techniques,
  • Cognitive mindsets and skills
  • Innovation-related know-how on realistic business case scenarios to make business creativity and innovation practices transparent and tangible.

The learning objectives will be achieved by using a variety of instructional techniques: exercises, competitive games, review games, creative puzzles and mind teasers, real case applications, realistic case simulations and multi-media, among others. 


“There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer. Therefore, any business enterprise has two - and only two - basic functions: marketing and innovation“
-Peter F. Drucker